A Guide To Lighting Your Living Room With Floor Lamps

Nothing beats the intimacy and coziness that a well-picked floor lamp brings to your living room. It adds a sense of character to the space and also brings the entire decor together, like a missing piece of a puzzle. The best part? You can make a statement with modern floor lamps for living rooms however you want. Chic, boho, or post-modern, or minimalistic—regardless of how you have styled your room, you will find A Guide To Lighting Your Living Room With Floor Lamps a lamp that blends right in.
However, rookie lighting mistakes can lessen the impact that you want to create with your floor lamps. But not to worry, we have a few tips for you to help you make floor lamps an attractive addition to your living room:
  1. Measurements are important
A very common mistake that buyers make is not measuring the area where they want to place their floor lamp. This has to be done before making the purchase.
To avoid regretting your decision, make sure that you size up the entire area! This will take just five minutes and will help you to get an idea about the lamp height you should go for as well as the size. If this is not done, you may just end up with one that’s taller, shorter, or bigger than what you’d like.
  • Use lighting in three corners of your room
To create an element of drama, make sure that one of your modern table lamps for your living room is focused on an object such as a plant or a rocking chair. Of course, all three needn’t be floor lamps. We suggest using a mix of table and floor lamps—with a combination of up-lights and down-lights—to break up the monotony of the room. For added impact, dim the overhead lights.
  • Experiment with patterns and shapes
A pair of well-positioned living room floor lamps can help create attention-grabbing focal points. If you are feeling adventurous, go for those in avant-garde style to take your interiors to the next level. For beginners, the classic bell-shaped lampshade is the way to go. But if the lamp itself is very ornate, stick to a plain lampshade that does not steal the limelight away.
At the same time, there are a number of beautiful embellishments such as braiding and cords that can transform even the most ordinary lamp into an eye-catching one. So, make sure that you take these elements into consideration.
  • Keep the decor and the lighting purpose in mind
Bring in a sense of balance and harmony to your space by paying attention to your living room’s aesthetic. If you are choosing an OTT lamp, make sure that the other pieces in your room are on the subtler side. On the other hand, if you have contrasting tones in your living room with oversized pieces, choosing a subdued floor lamp with clean lines would be the way to go.
Another great thing about living room floor lamps is that they can accentuate your favorite reading nook or entry points. Use big, oversized lamps to light up such areas. But of course, consider the amount of light you will need before taking the plunge.
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